Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coconut Sambol (Pol Sambol)

I made coconut sambol.

It's a Sri Lankan side dish and can be eaten with roshi, bread or even rice. We used to have it at home in Mal'e and not had it since we came here.

So everyone was missing it so much and I tried my luck and surprisingly it came out very well. hehehe

I bought this fabulous food processor and it has been keeping me busy if not working. Making boakiba, sambal and even roshi!!!!!!

coconut sambal using food processor

Body Shop Haul!

I have been busy last few weeks so news!!!!

It's winter and weather has been very cold and most of the days below 5 degrees!!!! So the kind of moisturisers we are used to won't work on our skin. It becomes so dry and ashy.

I went to the Body Shop (did I tell you that it's another huge fav of mine?) with a gift voucher I received on my birthday and spent 3 times the voucher!!!!

I have given away some products as gifts so don't feel right to mention them here. However, I must admit that its very expensive to buy them here and would be much cheaper to buy them from the UK even with postage costs. I regularly buy body shop products and I can compare the prices. Or you can go online and compare prices.
Have been using this and other creams of this series for a long time. A$27.95

This is a lovely lotion and smells so good. A$21.95
The pump of Coconut Milk Body Lotion. 

This is supposed to be the fastest selling product nationwide and it works very well. Very creamy and absorbs instantly. A$21.95

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Roshi / Roti / flat bread!!!

I made roshi a few times since we moved here and they came out so round and thin - I impressed myself and the family!! hehehehe
I mixed the dough and spreading it into roshi

I put it on the pan or tava

My son takes over from there

My 9 year old son is my biggest helper and he enjoys making it with me. hehehehe The one time I made it without him they all came out a bit hard.

I can't make roshi without you!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beetroot Curry

We love beetroot curry and make it once in a while. It costs AUD5.00 a kilo so it is one of the rare veg dishes here.

No matter how tasty it is cleaning and cutting them to make a curry can be a daunting process. It's messy too. It takes a day or two to clear you hands with the colour. So what I now do is just cut the whole thing and use what is needed or that time and keep the remaining in the fridge in an air tight container. That way I don't have to clean and cut it on every time I cook beetroot.

How I cut them

Curry cut pieces

Beetroot Curry - How it looks after cooking

Soft and tasty

Close up

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Appreciating little things in life!!!

I am no expert in cooking but I do my share of cooking since arriving here. 

Curry leaf is an important ingredient for all our dishes. We used to have a huge curry leaf tree in our house in Mal'e. Not every house has a tree but it was available in almost every shop which sold vegetables. So we didn't feel how important it was at that time.

But in Adelaide it is not available in all shops and not even in Asian shops. Mostly Asian here means Chinese and not Indians - we are always mistaken for Indians. We have to go to an Indian shop to buy it. Normally a good bunch of common leaves like mint and coriander leaves used in salads and curries are available in super markets for just a Dollar but a small packet of 3/4 stems of curry leaf is for AUD1.50 so it is considered expensive here.

Also you have to make sure that you store it well for a longer period of time. So that you don't have to go to the shop every other day for the leaves. It is not possible due to the distance and time constrain.

Here is how I keep the leaves fresh and these leaves are used only for sambals and stuff.

1) Buy the fresh leaves
2) Remove them from the stems
3) Wash them and dry them well
4) Put it in a dry bottle and put the lid - I use a glass bottle
5) Place them in the fridge
6) Make sure that you use dry hands when taking the leaves out
7) You can use them for weeks

3 weeks old leaves - still smell and tastes fresh

Here is what I do with the leaves I use in curries.
1) Wash the fresh leaves
2) Let the leaves dry naturally and leaves no trace of moist in them
3) Remove them from the stems
4) Store them in an air tight container - I use a normal plastic container
5) You can use these for months

1 month old leaves - only used in curries

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rajah Genuine Madras Curry Powder

I have heard from friends here about this Indian curry powder which they use to make various curries so I also bought it and tried it today.

The curry powder is called Rajah Genuine Madras Curry Powder. It's a big tin and has a net weight of 3Kgs. It contains coriander, chillies, black pepper, cumin, mustard, fenugreek, garlic, turmeric, salt and Bengal gram farina.

It has given a direction as to how to use it but I used it for a normal chicken curry. Since the curry powder has so many ingredients I didn't use much in the curry.

1) Great for general use
2) Traditional curry powder smell - very nice
3) Comes in a tin so safe to keep and handy to manage
4) Smooth and nice curry texture
5) If you can afford it then a great buy and will last for a while

1) Doesn't come in small potions - not everyone can or want to buy the big container
2) Expensive - costs AUD24.00 per tin
3) Need to use a tool to open the lid - could do with an easy way

Here is the curry I made using this curry powder.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

IKEA - Are you a (crazy) fan like me?

I fell in love with IKEA long long time ago when I first started traveling. I used to see huge IKEA shops with so many creative ideas and affordable pieces. I almost got lost in the IKEA shop in Singapore. I took their card and had it with me for a long time. It came handy when we were planning the decor for our house. I wanted all IKEA stuff in the house so we scanned and emailed the floor plans of our house to IKEA shop in Singapore and got them to fit in IKEA stuff to all the floors. When we were there next we bought the stuff and shipped them to Maldives. 

Even today I prefer to buy all my linens and cushions from IKEA because they are comfortable, attractive, reliable and affordable at the same time. You can set a budget and select items online and buy them from the shop. That way you don't have to waste time looking around thousand of items in the shop. 

I just found out that they have a blog in Sweden called Livet Hemma, or in English, Life at Home. If you open it in Google Chrome then you can translate the Swedish text into English. 

The site is designed to inspire customers like me who are always looking for new pieces!!!! hehehe Well, it also shows how you can fit in IKEA pieces with non IKEA items in the house. 

Take a look it's great even to just look at .......

Images: Livet Hemma